"Perfume helps embellish the skin, but it’s not an accessory; it’s something entirely different, it’s very profound."

                    François Demachy

We want to highlight independent artisan perfumeries and the small burgeoning companies that are producing exquisite ranges of scented luxury products from all over the world.


Innovation and attitude are on top of our priorities but we also want to emphasise the fragrance inheritance that has influenced the following generations.


We want to be the window to a new market of hand-produced fragrance, bed and bath collections that promote the use of natural ingredients. 


Including aromatherapy-based products that promote well-being for both mind and body.  We will look at organic and paraben-free fragranced collections and highlight companies that try to ensure their ranges are free of animal-testing from their basic ingredients through to the final product.


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Daringly Different - Diana Vreeland
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Some beautiful fragrances with on-trend key accords that continue into 2017


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